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Silcart is internationally recognised in the manufacture of facings for polyurethane, phenolic and glass-reinforced gypsum panels, as well as underlays for discontinuous roofing. It produces flexible bituminous, synthetic and mineral underlays for construction and industry. Products are tailored to customer requirements using new technologies applied to materials.

Wall solutions Patrix
Flat roof solutions Unico
Interior floor solutions Stetra
Green roof solutions Bio7
External wall solutions Gypsum
Wall solutions Stoneglass
Solutions for pitched roofs Ocean Felt

Il futuro, oltre la superficie.

Da oltre cinquant’anni progettiamo pensando al domani,con prodotti all’avanguardia pienamente sostenibili. Non offriamo solo sistemi per l’edilizia.Ma la nostra visione di futuro.

Since 1969

In 1958, Antonio Faotto had an idea and Cartosile was born, a small business producing coated paper for industrial use, which in 1969 would become Silcart as we know it today.

Since 1969, Silcart’s name stands for reliability, balance and innovation Silcart Spa is a Treviso-based company that has been operating for over 50 years on the international architecture and real estate market, specialising in the production of highly efficient and technologically advanced building materials.

The company aims not only to increase production and sales, but its main objective is to be a point of reference for the entire region; to capitalise on its finest capabilities and develop it in a constantly evolving context, with a view to internationalisation. In 2022 Silcart Spa was included in the list of national trademarks of historical interest.

Roof System

The roof is defined as the upper partition element that protects the building and is the structural component most exposed to atmospheric agents. Therefore, its geometric configuration, the selection of the appropriate layers and materials in order to guarantee water impermeability, air tightness, containment of energy dispersion, and hygroscopic and acoustic comfort is fundamental.

Double ventilation roof system

Wall System

The wall is the vertical architectural element that delimits the space of a building, divides it internally and supports structures such as floors and roofs.

Floor System

Floors are the horizontal dividing elements between two separate rooms that must meet static, acoustic and thermal insulation requirements. One or more screeds of at least 4 cm are laid on the floors. They can be made of sand and concrete or by laying self-levelling concrete. The screed constitutes a suitable substrate for each type of covering and if it is laid on a vibration-damping separation layer, it is defined as floating.

Silcart's values

1. Competence

We offer expertise acquired over more than fifty years of activity, a highly qualified team and innovative products. To date there are more than 30 registered patents and trademarks certified by numerous Italian and international bodies.

2. Efficiency

We rely on a constant output – 500,000 potential sqm produced per day in an area of over 100,000 sqm, 40% of which is covered – supported by production lines operating 24 hours a day.

3. Wide range

We’ve taken the company worldwide; more than 80% of customers are located abroad, thanks also to the opening of local technical sales offices – Venice, Milan, Düsseldorf, Osaka e Istanbul – in addition to the head office located in Treviso.

4. Technology

We make use of dedicated R&D and quality control laboratories, advanced technology and the production capacity of 10 plants to create new solutions for construction and industry.


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