Roofing underlay with incorporated three-dimensional structure.

Roofing underlay, flexible with special edges for prevention and increased protection against the risk of infiltration along the area of mechanical fixture, also on slight gradients (up to 6°C). The plastic three-dimensional structure is particularly suitable for roofs with folded sheet steel: creates a series of pipelines that ensure outflow of the condensate that has formed below, thus avoiding constant contact between the sheet and the humidity.

Technical specifications

  • Flexibility
  • Low gradients
  • Walkability
  • Easy of installation
  • Durability

Documentation will be available on the RESERVED AREA

Main applications

In pitched roofs, mainly made out of wood and with primary mantle in folded sheet steel.


Proposed solely as a screen for waterproofing roofs made of folded sheet steel. Highly accessible, it provides an excellent support to the sheet steel, especially during assembly, preventing the formation of dents. Its regular channels offer better microventilation, staying clean more easily. Sturdiness and flexibility enhance the product’s adaptability to the various forms of this specific type of roof. BB technology ensures the prevention of infiltration.

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