Underlay for roofing tiles.

Flexible underlay for roofing tiles, with special strips for adhesion of overlappings and increased protection against the risk of infiltration along the area of mechanical fixing, also on slight slope gradients (up to 6°).

Technical specifications

  • Resistance to low temperatures
  • Lightweightness
  • Walkability
  • Easy of installation
  • Durability

Documentation will be available on the RESERVED AREA

Main applications

On pitched roofs, mainly in wood, and on walls with wooden frames requiring optimal resistance to wind.


It also achieves optimal results in the presence of slight slope gradients, thanks to BB technology. Its enhanced formula offers adhesion between surfaces three times greater than standard products, and five times greater than versions with non-bituminous polymer adhesive strips. Artificial ageing tests demonstrate that the joined product increases its adhesive performance.

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