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Gruppo Silcart, corporate welfare growing by 60% in 2024

The Treviso-based company, announces the introduction of new benefits for employees: among these, services for wellness, health, shopping, and personal savings and the innovative program “Silcart Academy” for professional development.
“We want to offer all our employees competitive conditions not only from the economic point of view, but also from the point of view of work-life balance” -says Giovanni Faotto, president of Gruppo Silcart- “The work engages an important part of our daily life: It is our responsibility to guarantee workers and their families safety and serenity, in a period marked by inflation and high prices, and at the same time to provide them with adequate safeguards for health and well-being. People are the main asset of every company”.

Companies, the great race to save: in Treviso and its province consumption reduced by 8% in one year

Structural interventions and search for offers on the free market: entrepreneurs have managed to reduce electricity and gas costs
Also Silcart S.p.a. of Carbonera resorted to the installation of a photovoltaic system composed of 953 modules which together produce 562 kWh per year, approximately 30% of the energy needed for the production line with which Silcart produces building and construction materials industry in general that exports all over the world.

Silcart creates in Germany a sustainable residential village

«We are proud to have contributed with our materials to the realization of a project that looks at the world just as we will do it: with the looking to the future.»
Silcart Spa, a company specialized in construction materials from Treviso, is the manufacturer of Patrix, a coating for insulation panels that can offer several advantages in terms of energy savings, sound insulation, and fire protection. To choose it for the realization of its products, Puren, a historical company of Lake Constance, on the border between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, which participated in the construction of a new residential village consisting of 180 apartments in Überlingen, a German city located in the land of Baden-Württemberg. «Silcart continues to affirm its vocation as an international company, able to compete with the big players on the main European markets – said Giovanni Faotto President of Silcart Spa – We are proud to have contributed with our materials to the realization of a project that looks at the world just as we will do it: with the looking to the future…».

Silcart invests 15 million euros in sustainability

Silcart’s Chairman Faotto: “Even building can play a leading role to fight climate change.”
This is the vision that has led the company to the development of an innovative insulation board coating material. This innovative material can limit the damages resulting from adverse weather conditions, combining efficiency and sustainability. The new product highlights even more the green and innovative vocation of the company which over the years has obtained various certifications: ISO 50001 “Energy Management Systems”, ReMade in Italy and ISCC Plus. Silcart has also developed and used sustainable materials to protect the environment and its resources. Ocean Felt -sustainable bituminous membrane with non-woven polypropylene made from recycled post-industrial material and the polyester carrier made from 100% recycled post-consumption plastic, “Prevented Ocean Plastic” certified- is the result of the company’s vision. In addition, the company has installed two green energy production plants: a 953-module photovoltaic system and a thermal power plant.

Silcart Holding Event with special guest Ciro Ferrara

Silcart organized a teambuilding day for its employees.
On June 17, 2023, Silcart Holding organized a team-building day open to all its employees, including subsidiaries Elements and Cabomet. The event is part of Silcart’s corporate welfare program, which has already introduced several tools for its workers. The Presidente of Region Veneto Luca Zaia forwarded, through a message of congratulations, greatings for the high success for the important goal of half a century of activity composed by history, tradition, local origins, skills and innovation. “A recognition,” Zaia wrote, “that describes a brand that represents an ambassador of Made in Italy in the world, but at the same time is linked to its Venetian roots, since your company has contributed and still contributes- to the growth of our region.

Silcart receives the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification for its products

We’ve always been committed to the development of a sustainable growth model, supporting the transition to a circular economy, and we are proud and pleased to announce that we have obtained the ISCC Plus
International Sustainability & Carbon Certification for some product lines: synthetic undertile membranes and underlays, uncoupling membranes, plastic and synthetic facings for insulation panels. This is a voluntary product certification scheme, or rather “supply chain” certification, which ensures product sustainability, traceability and above all identification of the raw materials used throughout the production and supply chain. This is one of the objectives set and achieved by Silcart Spa to promote innovation in the sector, enhancing the sustainability and circularity of processes and products.

Silcart receives the ReMade in Italy® certification for its commitment to the environment

The ReMade in Italy® certification received for some of our products is an important milestone that highlights the ongoing investments and environmental projects embraced by our company.
You can find out more on the Remade in Italy website.

Silcart: a National Trademark of Historical Interest

We recently applied for Silcart S.p.A. to be on the list of Historical Trademarks of National Interest, since we’ve been present in the region for over 60 years. Production started in the late 1950s and never stopped.
You can find more information on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development.


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