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Roof System

Flat roof

In a building, the roof is an essential and delicate component. It is continuously exposed to multiple weather events, including severe ones, which is why every component of the roof system must meet the highest quality requirements.

One solution could be a flat roof with polyurethane insulation panels, where one or both sides have Silcart facings. The right combination and an informed, studied choice of which facing to choose for your panel will lead to several advantages, such as high mechanical resistance, excellent and sophisticated thermal solutions, increased fire safety and strength and durability over time.

Bio 7

A flexible facing for rigid polyurethane panels meets new requirements for greater environmental sustainability, formulated with a high percentage of recycled, bio-based raw materials from renewable sources (up to 70%). It is also fire and weather resistant.


This mineral surface product is also used as a bottom facing for insulation panels combined with the Silcart Synthetic Based Facing range. This particular combination not only enhances the adhesion of the facing to the foam, but also has the following features: the panel gains dimensional stability, is more robust when handled or walked on, and has a higher resistance to fire. In addition, the facing has a higher resistance to peeling off in corners and improves the appearance of the product.


The Patrix facing consists of a glass-fibre core that provides mechanical strength and dimensional stability even at high temperatures, and a special facing that expands on contact with flames, creating a barrier that draws them away from the insulating foam. As a result, the spread of fire towards the core is slower.


It is a suitable support for thermal insulation boards for flat, pitched and ventilated roofs and walls. It is highly recommended for its specific properties: it enables synthetic insulation boards to achieve class B s1 D0 (reaction to fire). The special surface finish allows the product to be installed on roofs under photovoltaic panels or on ventilated facades.


It is a flexible bituminous multi-purpose facing for polyurethane panels which, thanks to its innovative formulation, is suitable for cold (adhesive) and hot (torch) laying of waterproofing membranes. The increased weight allows greater pressure on the expanding foam, preventing it from flowing through the holes.


It is a facing primarily for polyurethane panels intended for thermal insulation of pitched and flat roofs; the resulting panel is the ideal covering for hot and cold waterproofing membrane installations, thanks to its characteristics and the high dimensional stability of the core. 

Synthetic Based Facing

The Synthetic Based Facing for polyurethane insulation panels can also be requested with a talc finish – suitable for flame installation or with a polypropylene non-woven finish for optimum walkability.


Polyurethane panels with our facing are suitable for flame and for self-adhesive installations. It is the ideal facing for panels intended for roof or floor insulation. The panel completed with this facing is also used for separating cold basements from heated residential spaces.


The mineral facing guarantees high performance, making it the standard in the insulation panel market. It satisfies the need for improving the dimensional stability of the panel, making it also more resistant to fire exposure, edge peeling and trampling.


This facing can be used to complete insulation panels for pitched, timber and flat roofs.


Bituminous and/or mineral facing for polyurethane panels for flat roofs.


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